And That’s The Tea: IWD Edition – Project Ramadan

And That’s The Tea: IWD Edition

And That’s The Tea: IWD Edition

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the women of Project Ramadan came together to discuss the significance of this day. What was intended to be a brief conversation transformed into an hour long thoughtful discussion about being resilient as women. 

That night, we spoke of the power of female friendships, and how they uplift you when you  need support the most. The kind of friendships that remind us of the power we have as women. Because these are the spaces we can feel safe to unload the baggage we carry and share moments of understanding.

We spoke of supporting women in a world where they are drained of their resources with an insurmountable pressure to fulfill expectations. Breaking barriers and glace ceilings. Challenging unspoken rules of little boys clubs in the corporate world. Fighting thoughts that whisper a seat at the table will never truly be yours because every day will be a battle to hold onto your spot. Once you’re there you pull up a chair for other fierce women, slowly making cracks in glass the generation before you was fighting to break.

We spoke of passing down knowledge to uplift young girls as they enter a world that will constantly try to tear them down. The kind of wisdom that would help the next generation learn from past mistakes and instill confidence and fearlessness to break barriers. Women who challenge the status quo, and know their worth. So that one day, when someone belittles them, abuses them or tells them that they can’t do it – they will simply keep going. 

Listen to the full conversation here.