FAQ – Project Ramadan

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located throughout southern Ontario. Mainly within the GTA.

How can I get involved?

Usually during Ramadan we have builds that prospective volunteers can join online. However; this year things may be different (pending the relevant protocols). At this time if you or anyone you know would like to get involved, check out our Events page for current and future events. If you would like to start your own campaign, check out our Campaigns page. Also follow us on all our Social Media for up to date information on events and more opportunities to get involved.


  • How can I join?
    • At this moment Project Ramadan is not looking to add to our Executive Team. Although make sure to follow us on Social Media (especially LinkedIn) as that will be the first place you can see if we are recruiting!

Who do I contact about my order?

We know issues with orders are frustrating. We will try our best to help you as soon as we can if you send us an email at:


I’m outside of Ontario, how can I help?

You can still donate to our cause on the Donate tab and participate in many of our upcoming virtual events. If you would like to help in person, we would encourage helping your local Food Bank as they could use the help.

How has COVID-19 impacted in person involvement?

At this time, COVID 19 has halted plans for in person builds that we are all used to. As the situation evolves as we get closer to Ramadan this may change. Follow us on our Social media to get the most up-to date information regarding in person involvement.

Does my donation qualify as Zakat?

Yes it does!


  • Where is my money going?
    • All proceeds go directly to funding the purchase and distribution of food items for Food Banks and our other beneficiaries across Ontario. Click Here to see our list of beneficiaries.

How do you plan to feed 6000 families this Ramadan?

It won’t be easy but with the help from all of YOU we believe we can raise enough funds and support to feed 6000 Families this Ramadan.