What We Do – Project Ramadan

What We Do

Project Ramadan is an initiative dedicated to supporting families faced with food insecurity across Ontario. It is a non-profit organization which is 100% volunteer run under Muslim Welfare Canada. Our team focuses on closing the gap to food scarcity by fundraising through members of the community to support our basket program, partnering with local businesses to help fund our initiative, source food supplies and host basket build events where volunteers across the GTA come out to pack bags to be distributed to our beneficiaries. It is a collective effort where muslims and non-muslims alike come out to help support our cause. 

Food Crisis Response

In recent years, Canada has seen a high increase in food bank usage as a result of rising housing costs, food inflation, stagnant wages, and insufficient income pushing more people into poverty. Food banks have been struggling to remain stocked with a growing number of new clients and are looking for support to help food insecure individuals find relief. Project Ramadan recognizes that access to safe, healthy and affordable food is a basic human right, and we remain committed in our fight against food insecurity in our community.

Our Baskets

Project Ramadan distributes food baskets including nutritious, staple grocery items to support a family in need for a month. Project Ramadan was able to get all of these items at a discounted rate of what you would pay at your local grocery store.


Our food baskets contain:

Chicken  |  Flour  |  Chickpeas  |  Kidney Beans (x2)  |  Lentils  |  Vegetable Oil  |  Pasta (x2)  |  Pasta Sauce (x2)  |  Rice  |  Tuna Cans (x2)  |  Dates  |  Honey  |  Salt  |  Sugar  |  Tea

How It Works

1. Donations

Our generous donors and sponsors donate towards the basket program. Project Ramadan is 100% volunteer-run, which means your dollars go far in helping feed families in need.

2. Buy Supplies

Your donations are used to buy the goods at wholesale, and we also negotiate with suppliers so that baskets retailing for $100+ only cost our donors $70. We can’t do what we do without the love and support of our awesome sponsors and in-kind donors.

3. Builds

We host several builds across the GTA (and Ottawa), where hundreds of volunteers come together for a few hours of packing food baskets for our beneficiaries.

4. Distributions

Through key partnerships with organizations such as food banks, women’s shelters and First Nations communities, we distribute baskets to families facing food insecurity.

Interested in Making a Difference?