Our Story – Project Ramadan

Our Story

Project Ramadan was founded in 2009 by a group of young adults who were concerned about the food disparity within their local community. Through the kind donations of people like you, Project Ramadan has raised over $2.8+ million, and distributed over 42,790 baskets since its inception.


Project Ramadan is an initiative dedicated to providing support to local families in need through fundraising and assembling food baskets. Our food baskets contain staple food items that help the local community create healthy, balanced meals during the blessed month of Ramadan. Through key partnerships with organizations such as food banks, women’s shelters and First Nation communities, we distribute baskets to families regardless of their race, religion or nationality. Enthusiastic volunteers come from across the GTA, Hamilton and Ottawa areas to band together and make this initiative possible.


As a Muslim Welfare Canada initiative, Project Ramadan has worked to help many Food Banks in the MWC network, and partner with many beneficiaries across Ontario.