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Basket Build Instructions:

Handle Food with Respect

  • Do not throw items into the bag and be mindful placing it on the floor. Our basket contents are going to real people and so be respectful of their items.
  • Place heavy items in the bag first (e.g. rice, flour, oil), then lighter items on top (e.g. honey, tuna cans). Do your best to ensure items do not get crushed in the bags.
  • If items are ripped, damaged or any other issue arises move the items aside and reach out to your Team Lead for further instructions.

Don’t Rush – It’s not a race!

  • The event will finish before you know it so take your time and enjoy the moment. By finishing early you will end up having to wait longer than usual for the rest of the teams to finish and for the next item in our program to get started.
  • Not all volunteers can pack at the same pace as you – by packing at different paces it can affect your count of the number of items in your bag. So take care and do not rush your Quality Control officers.

It’s All About Quality Control

  • You will receive exact count of items for your build station. If you run out of supplies or are over, something was missed during the basking building process connect with your Team Lead for further instructions. Remember these food bags are going to families in need who are relying on this food so take care in your count.
  • Do not build more than 20 bags at a time – a good practice is to make 2 rows of 10 bags. This will help eliminate mistakes.
  • If you have any damaged items, ripped bags or leftover supplies, please keep them aside and your Team Lead will manage next steps.
  • Do not take any supplies (even leftovers) from other teams. Report back to your Team Lead to manage next steps / provide missing supplies.
  • Teams with no leftover or missing supplies will get a shoutout at the end of the build.
  • Do not leave your stations while the build is in progress. You will be assigned a task and your team depends on you to complete it. If there is an emergency and you need to leave, please let your team lead know.
  • Keep your phone, keys and wallets in your pockets at all times and have your bags closed. We would like to reduce the risk of valuables falling into our baskets as it will be hard to recover them.


Roles per Team:


This group of volunteers will support packing bags with food items. This role is great for new and experienced volunteers.

Quality Control Officers

Assign two people on your team to be responsible for checking that each bag has the correct number of items. Have both members check the same bag to ensure counts are accurate. Once bags are deemed good to go by the second check, tie the bags tightly (2 knots) and move the bags away to another area that can be taken by the logistics (transport) lead for storage.

Logistics Lead (Transport)

This member is responsible to take completed bags (once approved by QA Officers) and place them into our storage bins. Logistics Leads are to keep a count of bags that has been placed in the storage bin (5 at a time) and mark the count on the side of the box. Once storage bins are filled with 50 bags, they are then to move it to our loading area to be shipped out to our beneficiaries.

Recycling Lead

Assign one to two people on your team to keep your build stations clear of any packaging during the build event. Individuals are responsible to break and flatten leftover cardboard boxes and bag plastic wrapping, and move them to our recycling area to ensure stations are clear for the safety of our volunteers.

Team Lead

Team Leads are your Project Ramadan reps that can help support you during the event. They are responsible to motivate their team, identify roles, oversee team responsibilities and more. Please respect and follow their instructions as they will do their best to ensure a safe and successful event day. 

Leads are also responsible to update the basket counter once bags have been approved and tied by Quality Control reps. They are to keep this count separate from the Logistics/Transport Lead count.

Team Strategy:

Work together to create a team strategy. Identify roles and basket building process to create a seamless build experience. Some assembly line ideas we have seen over the years include:

  • Runners Only – Place bags on the ground and have volunteers place a food item they are responsible for in the bag. QC Officers will review packed bags once they are filled.
  • Baggers & Runners – Place bags on the ground and have two volunteers tasked with the role as Baggers. They will be responsible of adding items into the bags. Other volunteers will act as Runners to their food items to pass to the Baggers. Once bags are complete, QC team will review the items.
  • Moving Bag – Have a few volunteers carry a bag around to each food item. Assign other volunteers a food item to pack into the bag. Once food items are filled, hand bag over to QC Officers to count number of items in the bag.
  • Pass the Bag – Pass a bag that is placed on the floor in one direction from food item to food item. Have volunteers stationed at each food item to fill in the bag. At the end of the line, QC Officers will review the contents of the bag before closing.

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There’s a lot more you can do to make a difference.

We love that you have come out to our basket build event but we still need to acquire the funding for the cost of the bags. Help us reach our goal of $500,000 this year by donating one time or on a monthly contribution. You can also get your family, friends and coworkers involved by creating an online fundraising page and share the link via email, text or on socials and ask them to help support a cause you strongly believe in. If all of our volunteers attending today’s event raises $1,000 each, we could raise a total of $100,000 (supporting 1,428 families in need).

To learn more on how to start a fundraiser, visit our Campaigns page. Online fundraisers take as little as 2 minutes to create.

To donate today visit our Fundraising Table or visit our online Donate page.

Play an activity while you wait to get started. 

Build 5 Event Icebreaker Activity

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